Concours rules

The cars (constructed up to 1979) will be displayed in the respective enclosure for the corresponding category. The definite categories and placing of the cars will be assigned on arrival. Please follow the instructions of the marshallers and crew.

1.2. During judging it is desirable to have the owners present to answer questions the jurors may have. Please make sure your mobile phone is on so we can reach you whenever necessary. The answers to the juror’s questions may influence their decisions in awarding points.

1.3. For the price-giving, the class winners will assemble with their cars in a predeter­mined enclosure (follow the marshallers instructions) and drive their cars to the price-giving podium where they will step out from their cars and receive their trophy.

2 Judgment criteria

2.1 The cars will be inspected and judged by the jury.

2.2 The jury will be assisted by a non-voting jury secretary.

2.3 In case of two or more cars achieving the same number of points, the president of the jury will, after consulting with the judges, make an irreversible final decision on which car will be declared winner.

2.4 The jury’s decisions are final. No appeals or objections will be considered.

2.5 Cars with a foldable roof (cabriolets, roadsters, DHC) can be presented with their top down. The jury may ask to see the top in its closed position as well.

2.6 The jury may ask for the engine to be started and, to be able to better inspect the interior of the car, to sit in the car if necessary.

3 Publics Choice

3.1 The Publics Choice Award will be be determined through voting cards provided to visitors. One person can only have one vote. The voting procedure, where to get the cards, and how to vote will be announced over the public address system during the event.

3.2 Entitled to vote are the entrants, their partners, guests, and the visitors of the ZCCA event.

4 Judgement criteria

4.1 The jury will award points in the following areas:

– Elegance of the design
– Harmony in the choice of colours
– Elegance of the Interior including materials chosen
– (Period) correctness and authenticity of accessoires and special equipment
– Mechanical functions and appearance of the engine compartment

4.2 Emphasis will be placed on originality (paint,interior, chrome, period-correct tuning, historic accessoires, etc.) and/or period correct restoration work. “Overrestorations”, non (period)-correct details, etc. may result in points-deduction.

4.3 The presence of a complete, correct, and detailed documentation of the car, such as restoration details, the car’s history, manuals, brochures as well as original tools, etc. may have a positive influence on the final points score.

5 Jury

5.1 The jury consists of a select group of classic car specialists as well as auto­motive journalists of different media. The jury team is led by the president of the jury, Mr. Beat Walti (vice president ZCCA and SHVF expert)

6 Awards

6.1 The respective class winners receive a Winner’s Cup.

6.2 The “Public’s Favourite Bürkliplatz” Award is presented to the car which has been chosen as the most desireable car by the public.

6.3 The “Zurich Classic Car Award” awarded by the jury is presented to the car determined by the jury as the most outstanding car. This will be the “Best of Show”.

6.4 The organizers reserve the right to award special prices and awards to specially themed classes and categories.

Zurich, February 2017